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Connaissez-vous les compléments alimentaires?


Connaissez-vous les compléments alimentaires? 18562136_1

Humans currently consume food which, in general, has been subjected to complex processes of preparation, preservation and distribution. These food manipulations configure diets very different from those of our ancestors. In older generations, it usually happened that the meat was eaten on the same day that the hunted animal was killed; the fruits and vegetables arrived at the table only a few hours after their collection.
Work, fast food, travel, etc. are also factors that contribute to the fact that the daily diet does not often contain adequate amounts of nutrients. A lot of research shows that athletes interested in achieving maximum sports performance have greatly benefited from the use of food components that cover the aforementioned deficits and have produced.
Proteins :  essential components of a balanced diet, are very useful in their administration as a dietary supplement. Bodybuilders, other athletes and the general public have come to the conclusion that in cases where a meal is poorly prepared or cannot be made, the consumption of a protein drink is very effective. This protein shake is easily made in minutes and provides many of the nutritional components that would otherwise be lacking in the diet.
Protein supplements are also essential for muscle growth in which large amounts of this nutrient are to be consumed, and the inclusion of a food that contains a large amount of protein in a small volume can aid digestive and digestive processes. assimilation.
Carbohydrates: They  are also very useful, especially for providing the body with constant energy and, therefore, these nutritional supplements are useful because they contain a necessary amount of nutrients and easily absorbed calories. For this reason, we can design our energy drink quickly and comfortably according to our needs, minimizing the risks between digestion and physical activity. Recommended before, during and after our training or competition.
Vitamins and minerals  , taken as a supplement, are also of the utmost importance, as they cover any deficiencies in the daily diet.
It is important that these supplements are discussed with your coach or doctor so that they are planned according to the needs of your body and your daily life.
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